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SengiaRossa Aldegheri - 750ml Bottle

SengiaRossa Aldegheri - 750ml Bottle

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Sengia Rossa Aldegheri DOCG - 750ml Bottle

The philosophy behind this red wine is the desire to obtain a unique wine of its kind from old vines which can transmit new sensations; this objective was achieved thanks to concentrating on the quality of the grape, the vintage time and the vinification phase. The complexity of the bouquet, dominated by wild berries, is the first pleasurable impact, rounded off by the perfect harmony of the full, robust body.

Corvina, Merlot, Rondinella and other indigenous varieties to finish.

VINEYARD: geographical position and characteristics
The vineyards are all situated high in the hills north of Verona. The average age is 20 years but varies from 10 years for Merlot to more than 50 years for the indigenous varieties. The soil, partly calcareous for the Merlot and partly volcanic, is mostly well structured.

SYSTEMS: method and density
Guyot with about 4,500 vines/hectare for Merlot, pergoletta Veronese for the others with 3,500 vines/hectare.

After being harvested, the grapes are left to raisin for about a month and are then crushed and destemmed. The must undergoes heat-controlled fermentation (from 22 to 24°C) for about 15 days. This is followed by devatting and "clean" racking in steel tanks and then ageing in large oak barrels for more than a year. The process finishes with ageing in bottles for a few months.

Recommended as an accompaniment to red meat dishes, whether roasts, stews or grills. Also a perfect match for mature cheeses which are not too piquant. Serve at 18-20°C in broad-rimmed crystal glasses.


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