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Limoncello di Procida

Limoncello di Procida

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Limoncello di Procida

Limoncello obtained from lemons of the Amalfi Coast. Procida limoncello is a sweet liqueur obtained from the maceration of lemon peels in alcohol, then mixed with a syrup of water and sugar without adding additives and coloring agents. The yellow peel, obtained from the best lemons, is the main ingredient of limoncello as it contains essential oils that give the liqueur a very strong aroma. At the base there is a simple but careful preparation.

The first phase involves peeling the lemon entirely by hand, thus allowing the citrus fruit to be peeled by removing only the yellow peel without affecting the albedo (white part) and without damaging the oil sacs containing the essential oils. The high attention paid to this fundamental operation is justified by the considerable implications that a wrong peeling has on the quality of the liquor produced. After a period of infusion of the peels in alcohol, the product is filtered and only then is the water and sugar syrup added. This is how the classic yellow liqueur is obtained and thanks to its unmistakable flavor it can be used to accompany ice creams, desserts and cocktails or simply enjoyed as an aperitif or as a digestive, before or after meals, straight or iced.

The alcohol content of Limoncello di Procida is 28% ABV.

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