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Clot White Grenache - 750ml Bottle

Clot White Grenache - 750ml Bottle

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Clot White Grenache

Pale yellow colour. It has a characteristic aroma reminiscent of grapes and is very rich in fruity notes and other complex hints. During the second year after bottling these fruity aromas will develop to more mature ones. It is refreshing on the palate so we can appreciate the body and good persistence of the truly whites of Terra Alta Protected Designation of Origin.

Suitable to accompany a wide variety of appetizers such as grilled squid, grilled snails or crayfish seasoned with white pepper. You can also try it with sautéed vegetables and several types of white fish, such as grilled bream or fried cod. Best enjoyed during 24 months following the vintage year.

Serve cold (8° C).

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