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Bardolino DOC Tenuta Villa Cariola Classic Aldegheri - 750ml Bottle

Bardolino DOC Tenuta Villa Cariola Classic Aldegheri - 750ml Bottle

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Bardolino DOC Tenuta Villa Cariola Classic Aldegheri

A lively wine full of character, produced from grapes picked in the morainal hills on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda. It has a bright ruby red colour, a fine fruity bouquet and a dry savoury flavour, very harmonious overall.

Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Negrara and recommended varieties to finish.

VINEYARD: geographical position and characteristics
The hilly area on the southwest shore of Lake Garda is the domain of Bardolino, whose vineyards have an average age of 25 years. The soil is fluvio-glacial, gravelly-sandy and morainal.

SYSTEMS: method and density
All pergoletta Veronese with more than 3,500 vines/hectare.

VINTAGE: time and method
Mid and late September, with manual harvesting.

When the grapes reach the cellar they are destemmed and crushed. The must and marc thus obtained are then fermented in special heat-controlled tanks with a device for punching the cap until the bouquet and colour have been extracted completely without any need for pressing.

The perfect accompaniment to soups, meat which is boiled, white or cooked in sauce or any fairly simple dish. Serve at 16-18 C.