Our wine of the week starting 30 July 2020 is Plana D'en Fonoll S* Negre Llarga Crianza

Every week we choose a wine of the week that compliments mood of the week ahead. This week. Maggy Smith Dip WSET chose  Plana D'en Fonoll S* Negre Llarga Crianza.

Plana D'en Fonoll S* Negre Llarga Crianza bottle

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Plana D'en Fonoll S* Negre Llarga Crianza- 750ml Bottle for £16.95


Plana D'en Fonoll S* Negre Llarga Crianza
"Last weekend I really enjoyed a bottle of the above wine with my barbequed steak so I thought I would share it with you.  It is going to be a sunny weekend so most people will be looking at outdoor eating.

The wine comes from the Catalonia region of Spain.  Its capital is Barcelona.  The vines are grown inland in an area called Tarragona once the capital of Hispania Citerior of the Roman Empire.  The city walls date back to the 3rd century BC.  Here is where 12,000 spectators watched combats between gladiators and wild beasts. This area lies 218 miles from Madrid and is an area of breathtaking beauty with hardly any tourists inland.  Many of Picasso’s famous paintings feature this area.

The physical geography of this area is very mountainous and difficult to cultivate vines.  But here in lies the key to amazing wine.  With small areas and challenging landscapes, it has given rise to a small group of dedicated and very talented grape growers and winemakers.  Their reputation is steadily growing if you are in the know.  The wines here are influenced by the Mediterranean but also by the mountains.  It allows the vines to rest over winter with its continental climate and because the vines are grown in the mountains the Spanish sun in summer is not so harsh here.  The mountains offer coolness and this offers good acidity and balance to the wines.  

First of all, looking at the bottle.  I like the minimalist label with the large gold S on it.  Very classy.  S stands for quality and this wine is one of their best only produced in exceptional years.

The grapes here are the Spanish CARINEÑA and international SYRAH and CABERNET SAUVIGNON.  It is 14% alcohol but does not feel it.  It is smooth very smooth. After pouring some wine I can see it has an intense red cherry colour with violet notes.  On the nose, it has a mature aroma.  This comes as a wine ages.  The chemical reactions occur among the acids, sugars, alcohols and phenolic compounds.  This creates new smells that are known as a wine’s bouquet. I can also detect black fruits, spices and it is quite complex leaving me looking for more aromas to find.
Putting it on my palate it is very fine and persistent with pleasant tannins and balsamic notes.  It has an amazing mouthfeel with lingering fruit.  It feels special and gives me a sense of place.  This wine has been made with love and care.  This wine makes you think of the mountains of Spain and the summer sun.

Plana definitely needs decanting.  It doesn’t have to be anything special if you don’t have a decanter.  An old jug will do.  I would decant this about one hour before drinking and up to two hours.  It is great with red meat or game or some very black chocolate would be sensational.  The chocolate would need to be 70-90% COCOA.

Go on Spoil yourself this weekend.  Buy a bottle of Plana and welcome the new phase of our way out of the lockdown.

Enjoy your weekend!  Cheers!"

Maggy Smith
Member of the Association of Wine Educators
Certified Spanish Wine Educator
Certified Sherry Educator

Click on the link below to purchase

Plana D'en Fonoll S* Negre Llarga Crianza- 750ml Bottle for £16.95


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