Our wine of the week starting 19 May 2020 is Rosso Di Toscana Tenute Rossetti

Our wine of the week starting 19 May 2020 is Rosso Di Toscana Tenute Rossetti

Every week we choose a wine of the week that compliments mood of the week ahead. This week. Maggy Smith Dip WSET chose  Rosso Di Toscana Tenute Rossetti.

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Rosso Di Toscana Tenute Rossetti.

Turn on the soundtrack to the Godfather, swig a glass of Rosso di Toscana and let the wine transport you to Italy!

Since it is Father’s Day on Sunday I thought it might be fun to try a Tuscan wine in the tradition of the super Tuscan without the price tag.  This is the land of sweeping landscapes, burning hot sun and a wealth of art, architecture and food history. This is the area of Michangelo’s David and is the most romantic area in central Italy.

Tenute Rossetti is a young, dynamic, modern producer and very much a family business.   They are passionate about their wines.  Rosso di Toscana is an IGT and is the name of the appellation.  An appellation is a name given to a wine-producing area, in this case, Tuscany.  It’s important as it denotes a geographic area and the grapes they are allowed to use when making the wine.  The IGT Toscana is a looser term allowing grapes from all over Tuscany to be used in this beautifully crafted wine.  In this blend, we have Sangiovese 90% and Merlot 10%.   Sangiovese is a thin-skinned grape and so it makes for a translucent wine which is why they add a touch of merlot even although it is not an Italian grape variety.  Sangiovese is found in other parts of the world but it is only here in its spiritual homeland that it really performs to its greatest heights.  It is not a variety rich in anthocyanins (the colouring matter of a grape) whereas Merlot is rich in anthocyanins.  It smells and tastes of Italy.

 Looking at the wine in the glass you can see it is ruby red.   Don’t forget to sniff it before swirling it in the glass as this releases the aromas.  On the nose, there are cherries, plums and perhaps a hint of spice. Swirling again before you take it on to the palate you want to start slurping at this stage.  That is swishing it around like a mouthwash. The acidity is medium-high (many Italian red wines have high acidity to match their food), cherries and plums are coming through again and there is a lovely silky dark chocolate flavour that lingers on the palate long after you have finished.  This tells us the wine has a long finish.

This is a super wine for the price -  smooth and delicious it would make a wonderful present for any father on his special day.

Matches well with pasta, pork, beef, poultry and especially continental meats and cheeses.  Wonderful!

Enjoy your weekend!  Ciao!"

Maggy Smith

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